Thermogenic Product Review

This week’s entry is going to focus on my personal experience with the all new and ephedra-free thermogenic product known as Oxy-ELITE Pro by USP Labs.  For those unfamiliar with thermogenics, they are what are commonly known as “cutting” supplements aimed at cutting down the user’s body fat percentage and aiding in muscular definition and tone.  Thermogenics allegedly enable this definition to occur by boosting the user’s energy and increasing one’s metabolism.

After taking the first pill I could immediately recognize an increase in my heart rate and sense warmth throughout my body before starting my weight lifting routine at the gym that day.  I equate this feeling to the equivalent of about five cups of coffee that are all encapsulated into a single pill.  To say the very least, a single pill provides an immediate surge like no other I have experienced before.

USP Labs OxyELITE Pro may look and seem like any other run-of-the-mill stimulant-based fat-burner, but it really is something different.  When I first started researching it, I noticed that it contained natural ingredients such as Bacopa Monierri Leaf extract which stimulates the release of T4 hormone from one’s thyroids in order to burn fat and create definition.  So I was immediately impressed that USP Labs OxyELITE Pro brought something new to the table.

Thus far I have been using this product for two weeks and I’m now up to two pills a day, and already I have gone down from a size 34 pants waist to a slender and more socially acceptable size 32.  Likewise, I have lost ten extra lbs while maintaining muscle mass and tone.

So far I would strongly approve of this thermogenic product, and I will continue to document my progress while taking it.  I plan on updating my progress over the next month, so stay tuned for more.


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